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Mission :

The Mission of the United Way of Horry County, Inc. in Conway, South Carolina is to unite the diverse elements of Horry County in a network of contributors, providers and users of human services in order to expand the capacity of these citizens to solve social problems and care for one another.



The United Way of Horry County volunteer board determines the most pressing needs and funds the programs that show accountability and results. The United Way is focused on bottom-line results: the lives we change and the communities we shapeThe United Way of Horry County is working for results you can see because that is what matters to your United Way.

Each spring, an Agency Allocation Volunteer Committee meets to discuss the applications of each program, its budget and activities. Once the organization is approved by the Allocation Committee, the Board of Directors must approve the amount United Way of Horry County will give to each organization. All United Way Community Partners, which can not duplicate each others services, must meet rigid requirements established by the volunteers.


The United Way of Horry County was established in 1973 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to find the most efficient and effective way to address problems they saw in their community. Those citizens saw the wastefulness of money and volunteer time in having many different human service agencies staff and operate fund drives each year.

Since that time, the United Way of Horry County has been an organization focused on creating results you can see. No two communities are alike; therefore, no United Way organizations are either. Each United Way is an independent agency, led by volunteers from our community who have an intimate understanding of Horry County, their neighbors and what concerns they may face.

A local Volunteer Board of Directors and Executive Committee, which are elected each year by member-donors, governs the United Way of Horry County. A 21 member Board of Directors, composed of responsible, local citizens from all walks of life, volunteer their time and expertise to direct the operations of the United Way of Horry County.

There are more than 500 Horry County volunteers consisting of people from businesses, faith groups, non-profits and just citizens, who want to give their time to help others in their community.

The first campaign for the United Way of Horry County was in 1973 for the 1974 calendar year. That goal was $149,800, which supported 13 organizations. The United Way has grown tremendously since the first campaign.

  • The 2016 campaign goal is $1.3 million.  We now have 38 Community Partners
  • The money raised in Horry County is used in Horry County.




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